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0, plus the interaction impact involving scenario and construal level was not
0, as well as the interaction impact amongst predicament and construal level was not substantial too, F (, 0) .four, p.0.05, g2 0.0 (see Figure two). That is certainly, construal level didn’t affect trust but the homo economicus belief activated by the financial circumstance inhibited trust. It could be concluded that the results of Experiment and 2 had been truly derived from the destructive impact of your homo economicus belief on trust, which had absolutely nothing to complete with construal level.Final results and We very first checked no matter whether the profit calculation difficulties activated participants’ homo economicus belief. Inside the experimental condition, participants’ imply evaluation was four.three, SD .55, and that within the handle situation was 3.53, SD .48. Independent ttest showed that participants inside the experimental situation had been far more willing to agree using the homo economicus belief, t (60) two.02, p,0.05, Cohen’s PubMed ID: d 0.34. That may be, the profit calculation issues effectively activated participants’ homo economicus belief. The mean trust amount of participants in the experimental situation was two.09, SD 0.86, and that within the manage condition was two.50, SD 0.68. Independent ttest showed that participants’ trust inside the experimental condition was important lower than that in the control condition, t (60) two.06, p,0.05, Cohen’s d 0.68. Hence, MedChemExpress HO-3867 exposure to the environment of profit calculation can activate individuals’ homo economicus belief, and which can weaken trust.General To summarize the 3 experiments, the present study proposed and demonstrated that the homo economicus belief can undermine trust, and individuals’ homo economicus belief could be activated by direct mastering or merely exposure to economic conditions, which include profit calculation, serving as an enterprise manager, etc. Homo economicus may be the most important humanity hypothesis of economics, as a result students majoring in economics may well study and recognize together with the homo economicus belief which emphasizes folks are selfinterested and rational. Researchers had revealed a unfavorable partnership between economics finding out andExperimentAs talked about in introduction, the outcomes of Experiment and two may very well be contaminated by construal level. Experiment three tested this possibility by a 2 (construal level: Higher versus Low levelPLOS 1 plosone.orgHomo Economicus Belief Inhibits TrustTable . Sample sizes, mean ages (years) and trust levels of participants in 4 situations.Noneconomic situation Highlevel construal Sample Age Lowlevel construal 28 (five females) 9.three .78 two.8 0.Financial predicament Highlevel construal 28 (7 females) 9.86 .78 two.04 .00 Lowlevel construal 28 (6 females) 20.eight .54 2.07 0.N M SD30 (eight females) eight.96 .24 2.54 0.TrustM SDdoi:0.37journal.pone.007667.tcooperation or trust [02]. These benefits regularly showed that there’s an evident tension between the homo economicus belief and prosocial behaviors, which include trust. The present study firstly demonstrated the destructive impact of homo economicus belief on trust with all the three real experiments. In Experiment , it really is revealed that the direct and explicit contacting with homo economicus belief can cut down participants’ trust. In every day life, nonetheless, people seldom make contact with with all the assumption of homo economicus explicitly, but make costbenefit evaluation often in consumption, investment, also as job choice and so forth. It truly is reasonable to think that these conditions can activate individuals’ homo economicus belief and after that inhibit their trust. Experiment two confirmed the destr.

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