In S. islandica the posterior shield corners are projected, whereas inIn S. islandica the posterior

In S. islandica the posterior shield corners are projected, whereas in
In S. islandica the posterior shield corners are projected, whereas in S. rietschi they are not prominent at all. A lectotype was not selected because of the common situation with the kind materials. Distribution. Apparently restricted towards the Norwegian Sea and Northeast Atlantic Ocean PubMed ID: about Iceland as well as the Faroe Islands, 726 m depth.Revision of Sternaspis Otto, 82 (Polychaeta, Sternaspidae)Sternaspis maior Chamberlin, 99 http:speciesid.netwikiSternaspis_maior Figure A Sternaspis maior Chamberlin, 99: 406407, Pl. 78, fig. 0. Sternaspis fossor: Fauchald 972:23839, M dez 2007:609, 64, 66 fig. 7 (partim, non Stimpson 853). Type material. Eastern Tropical Pacific, Gulf of California. Neotype (UNAM 7882), RV El Puma, Crucero Talud V, Sta. 25 (242’N, 088’W), off Isla Altamura, Sinaloa, 830 m, 6XII200, N. M dez, coll. paraneotype (UNAM 788), RV El Puma, Crucero Talud V, Sta. 8 (245’N, 087’W), off Ensenada del Pabell , Sinaloa, 965 m, 5XII2000, N. M dez, coll. paraneotype (UNAM 0000), RV El Puma, Crucero Talud XIV, Sta. 3 (28’34″N, 27’43″W), dredge, 8082 m, 8IV0000, B. Y ez, coll. Description. Neotype (UNAM 7882), with body browinish, paler with no the papillar layer (Fig. A, B). Apigetrin Introvert expanded, markedly wider than abdomen, covered with abundant modest papillae. Abdomen with abundant, homogeneously distributed papillae. Body 7 mm long, six mm wide (comprehensive paraneotypes 9.50.0 mm extended, 70 mm wide), about 29 segments. Prostomium hemispherical, paler than surrounding areas (Fig. C). Peristomium round, devoid of papillae. Mouth oval, covered by papillae, restricted to a circular area about the mouth. Initial 3 chaetigers with 24 golden, extensively separated, falcate introvert hooks per bundle, every single with subdistal dark regions (Fig. B, C). Genital papillae lost, eroded from the intersegmental groove involving segments 7 and 8. Preshield area with 7 segments, with papillae abundant, evenly distributed. No capillary chaetae noticed. Ventrocaudal shield with ribs, but no concentric lines; suture restricted to anterior region. Anterior margins rounded; anterior depression shallow; anterior keels not exposed (Fig. A, D). Lateral margins gently rounded, expanded posteriorly. Fan truncate, not extended beyond posterior shield corners, with a median notch, crenulated. Marginal chaetal fascicles involve 0 lateral ones (Fig. B, D), chaetae ovally arranged and 8 posterior fascicles, chaetae in linear arrangement. Peg chaetae on conical extensions emerging under shield corners. Peg chaetae with stout base in cross section; a compact fascicle of delicate capillary chaetae (pegassociated capillary chaetae) between peg chaetae and initial fascicle of posterior chaetae. Branchiae numerous, thick, coiled, slender, long, protruding from two oval plates, separated by a wide angle, on either side with the anus. Further fine, long filamentous papillae extending along the posterior margin in the shield. Variation. The shield varies from dark reddish to orange (Fig. E ) despite the fact that their relative width varies depending on how heavily contracted the abdomen is, and how this contraction bends the lateral plates dorsally resulting in an apparently narrower seeking shield. The principle radial rib is quite prominent, the fan is crenulated butKelly Sendall Sergio I. SalazarVallejo ZooKeys 286: four (203)it may be truncate, barely reaching the posterior corners (Fig. E, F), or projected beyond this corners (Fig. D, G). Neotype locality. Off Isla Altamura, Sinaloa, Gulf of California, 830 m.

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