Ated). The remaining nine men and women applied the exact same wintering locations inAted). The

Ated). The remaining nine men and women applied the exact same wintering locations in
Ated). The remaining nine people made use of the exact same wintering places in distinctive years: six travelled for the Benguela current (see figure 2e for an instance), a single for the central South Atlantic (figure 2f ), a single for the Brazilian existing and also the last bird towards the Canary current. We did not locate any proof of a connection amongst the tendency of Cory’s shearwaters to adjust their winter destination and their age (faithful birds had been 6.three three.0 years old, on typical, nonfaithful were aged eight.six six.eight years, on their second trips), sex (a single out of eight males and 4 out of six females Mertansine changed destination) or individual excellent (typical high quality index of faithful birds 0.88 0. and of nonfaithful birds 0.eight 0.20). Furthermore, there have been no obvious relationships among the likelihood of a switch in migratory destination and adjustments in oceanographic situations within the wintering regions: 3 birds abandoned areas exactly where SST increased and two abandoned areas where it decreased; 1 person moved from an location where chlorophyll a increased, one from an location exactly where it remained constantFlexible migration of shearwaters M. P. Dias et al.60N(a)(b)60N 60S40S (c)20S020N40N(d)60N 60S40S (e)20S020N40N(f)60S 80W 60W 40W 20W40S20S020N40N020E40E80W 60W 40W 20W020E40EFigure 2. Tracks of Cory’s shearwaters in successive years (orange and light blue lines, respectively). Panels (a ) represent individuals that changed their wintering destinations. Panels (e) and ( f ) exemplify men and women that have been faithful to their wintering locations. White circles in panel (e) show the location of two stopovers detected by firstpassage PubMed ID: time analysis. Dashed lines represent hypothetical return paths of men and women for which no latitude information have been readily available (see ), determined by longitude and imply travel speed (estimated only for mapping purposes).Proc. R. Soc. B (20)M. P. Dias et al.Versatile migration of shearwatersTable . Paired comparisons (applying bootstrap methods) amongst the activity patterns for the duration of stopovers and through the remaining migration period of Cory’s shearwaters (n 7 men and women). stopovers time spent on sea surface through the day ( ) time spent on sea surface for the duration of the night diurnal landing price (number of landings per hour) nocturnal landing rate (variety of landings per hour) 52.five 4.five 82.three two.5 five.7 0.six five.six .2 remaining migration period 33.5 two.2 54.7 2.3 four. 0.three 3.two 0.four paired comparison p , 0.000 p , 0.000 p , 0.0 p , 0.and 3 from areas exactly where it decreased. Comparable mixed trends occurred in target areas. Even though 1 third in the study birds changed their major location involving years, general, people tended to travel towards the same region much more typically than expected by opportunity: the index of wintering region overlap amongst two nonbreeding seasons on the same individual was significantly greater than the overlap between two randomly selected folks (five.5 eight.two and 0.96 0.57, respectively; p , 0.00). Similarly, the mean distance between the centroids of the wintering regions in the same person was considerably shorter than the distance in between those from randomly chosen pairs of birds (respectively, 90 2886 km and 3580 790 km, p , 0.05). (c) Individual consistency in migratory schedules We found a substantial betweenyear consistency within the chronology (departure dates from nesting and wintering areas and arrival dates at nesting and wintering areas) of person migratory movements for birds that had been faithful to their destinations (repeatability values highe.

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