For coping with anxiety (12). Physical pressure imposed around the physique contains poor study posture

For coping with anxiety (12). Physical pressure imposed around the physique contains poor study posture and sitting on chairs improperly in overcrowded classes, which could generate muscle strain and joint imbalance, and soft-tissue stresses. This could become habitual, top to extra chronic, recurring discomfort and episodes of discomfort. Additionally, prolonged static postureloading or sustained exertion is typical and occurs much more usually among students preparing for examinations. Within this posture, the muscles ought to hold the physique within a single position for a long time, top to prolonged immobility with subsequent reduction in blood flow that result in muscle tension and susceptibility to musculoskeletal injury. Adverse academic environmental components which include poor lighting, intense temperature, and noise may also increase the risk of injury and subsequent improvement of musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore, it has been hypothesized that heightened academic anxiety, specially during examinations, is related with an increased incidence of musculoskeletal issues among undergraduates (13). On the other hand, there’s a paucity of statistical data around the association or causal relationship between academic stress and MSDs within the literature, whereas several studies have focused on the immunological (9, ten), hematological (14), and hormonal outcomes of academic anxiety (1, eight). Against this background, the present study examined the association in between academic strain, reaction to pressure, coping approaches, and incidence of MSDs amongst undergraduates in South-South Nigeria. The results could possibly be valuable to students with no MSDs to adopt acceptable measures to prevent it, and to those with MSDs to modify their life-style and adopt superior coping techniques to stop a chronic disorder. The information and facts could also assist in designing acceptable intervention programs, which includes modification of academic curricula, to lessen unnecessary pressure amongst students during semester examinations.Ethiop J Well being Sci.Vol. 23, No.JulyMATERIALS AND Strategies Recruitment of Subjects: This was a cross sectional study conducted on 1365 undergraduates (570 males and 795 order PRIMA-1 females) in a Nigerian University, to evaluate the association in between academic stressors, reaction to anxiety, coping approaches and musculoskeletal issues. The participants had been recruited in the faculty of fundamental medical sciences, arts and sciences. They have been assessed at the starting of your 20102011 second semester to establish their baseline anxiety level and musculoskeletal problems. Related assessment was repeated through the second semester examination on the very same group of participants. Ineligibility criteria consist of: pregnancy, active athlete, diabetes mellitus, other non-communicable diseases, decline in participation, inadequate response to queries asked around the questionnaire and non-participation in the 20102011 second semester examination. Assessment Measures: A four-section, semistructured, self-administered questionnaire was utilised to survey the participants. The first portion requested general details on respondents’ socio-demographic profile, which include age, sex, year of study, marital status, socioeconomic background of PubMed ID: parents, region of residence, and participant’s life-style (smoking, alcohol intake, and physical-activity status). The second a part of the questionnaire was a 51 item assessment scale adapted from StudentLife Strain Inventory (SLSI) (15), and measures stressors and reaction to stressors by the respondent. It has.

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